World of Tarvakar

Fire Elves

Old and noble line of elves

note. Elves in Tarvakar are NOT a declining race like it so many other worlds. it fact most of the surface elves were destroyed some time ago. so while they lack numbers elves are actually a growing population which is why they tend to be overprotective of their citizens. so young fire elves are the most common elf on the planet. however Very old elves of any race are almost unheard of, as most died in the wars of old.

Fire elves fill the role of gray elves in Tarvakar. They did not always dwell in the far north-east and are said to be from somewhere far across the sea. They carved a land for themselves and fortified it with magic to create a forest where only ice had been. They guard their home savagely and will not allow even their allies to enter without direct invitation.

Skills for free. Fire-building 100%, Running 50%, Endurance 50%, camouflage 25%, Set snares 50%.

State changes: +1 int, +1 dex, -1 wis, -1 con. Normal gray elf talents. Alignment normally: LG, many younger elves are CG however. Skin: light yellow to deep gold. Eyes: red to white with golden flecks. Hair: red to white golden.

Fire Elves are direct and headstrong acting as their passion dictates. They are ultimately loyal to their nation as a whole however. They have only been in the human lands for a few generations how, many of the aged remember their homeland. It is spoken of as a paradise. Why they left or how they came to be in these lands is taboo. To speak of it is to invite dread and doom. Many of the younger elves tire of their elders gloomy outlook and have a more adventurous flare.

They are the most common elf but are still rare in human lands.

Elves of Tarvakar



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