Destroyer of dragons of all colors and terror of legend for lesser beings.


Level:16 Class:Pyromancer Race: Red Dragon HP: /



Weapons: NONE.

Armor: NONE.

Notable Possessions:


Scorge burns, Scorge kills, Scorge boils the sea and sets the very air on fire. Scorge is a massive (for his age) Red Dragon of The First Lands. He argued long and loud that the time for war was here. The great reds of his home would not listen, they wanted to grow fat and wealthy. They did not want to face their Gold Dragon cousins again as most remembered The Dragon War and how they had been duped by Gloommantel. But Scorge was young and full of fire. He jurneyed from volcano to volcano, searching the hot places of the world for a sign from his Goddess. Just what he found remains a mystery but his first action on his return home was to attack and slay ALL THE GREAT RED WYRMS! Suddenly Scorge had become ruler of the first lands and he wasted no time massing his forces. He sent waves of Black dragons to their deaths in Vigil while he and his most loyal followers slipped away to the south. They Fought their way to the sea elf capital where Scorge called upon the might of his goddess to raise a massive volcano from the ocean floor. Millions of elves die in his savage assault and those few to survive were picked off by his followers. Scorge then traveled north over what is now the Tetch Swamp leaving a trail of burning devastation in his wake. He reached Sky Top and tried to destroy the elves there as well but with the aid of their cloud giant allies they held off his forces. Enraged Scorge laid waste to the surrounding mountains and forests but still the elves held out. His siege would have continued if not for the arrivel of Erin. Although totally unprepared to face him, Erin managed to draw Scorge away from the battle, with their leader gone his forces lost interest and followed him. Scorge chased Erin through the elemental forest and deep into Jadavic where he was attacked by the Brass and Bronze dragons of that land. With his followers lagging behind him and an ever growing force of dragons opposing him Scorge had no choice but to flee, a fact he kept secret from his minions. After marsheling his forces he drove them toward Yasten Hills intent on slaying the Low Priest of Tarvakar. while the gnome clans fought his followers, Scorge melted the Low Temple of Tarvakar down around the terrified cleric’s heads. With this done Scorge felt he had won and headed south to bask in the volcanic glow of his personal shrine to his goddess. Then thanks to the intervention of the Druids of Force Erin and her companions learned where Scorge had gone and followed. In this final battle many great events took place. Scorge was defeated by Erin, Tul, and a cloud giant cleric of Nymbus. Tul wanted to slay Scorge for what he had done to Wully, but before the lethal blow could be struck Erin halted her companions. Something was not right, she could feel someone watching them. She had felt this unseen hand guiding her actions since the beginning but had assumed it was the work of her goddess. Before Erin could figure out what was happening Ixxlylx master of the five elements made his more. The attack was sudden and deadly, Ixxlylx had planned this from the start. He was to powerful for any of them to harm and his blasts of force were deadly. Scorge summoned his remaining forced only to watch them blasted to bits by the mad elemental lord. In the end Erin was forced to do something vile, she used her power over water to make Ixxlylx’s very blood attack him from within. He died of a massive stroke as his brains was literally ripped apart from within. When the dust cleaned a pact was made, each of the companions would return to their people and begin the long process of rebuilding. Scorge and the other elemental lords would meet each year at the place of the final battle, they would plan and debate peacefully lest another elemental war started. This arrangement is still in place today.


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