Daemon Merchant




Fyn is Daemon with a long and strange past, he has lost more power than most beings can conceive of. For many an age this made him bitter and his rash actions diminished what little power he still held. He was finally force to flee to the plane of Fire to avoid destruction. He has been reduced to a shell of his former glory and spends his time buying and selling wares not souls. However Fyn has finally learned from mortals and has begun to mimic them more closely. This has lead to many strange new ideas slowly worming their way into his ancient mind. Fyn now fancies himself the “Common man” and actively empathizes with any random dissident gathering he can find. This has lead to him backing various, often conflicting, groups over the years. Rather than try to lead or dominate mortals Fyn’s new MO is to egg them on and then watch the outcome.

Fyn often travels to the City of Brass and has recently been trying to join in several legitimate businesses. His relative lack of power means he much prefers to do business with either new comers to the planes or directly on the prime.

Fyn’s current diminished form is that of a human male with red skin and black horns. His exact features can change from meeting to meeting but that is his general appearance.


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