Krodda "Dead-Eye" Hawgrud

Great Orc Mutent


Short info

KroddA “Dead-Eye” Hawgrud. Great Orc of clan Moarnglow. Barbarian/Chosen One of The Flame of Change. 7’ tall weight 450lbs. body type tall and heavily muscled but horribly mutated on roughly half his head. Most of the right half of his head is disfigured: his nose is totally gone leaving a skeletal yet functional hole in his face, the flash is orange instead of green and hard as steel, his functional right eye is black with an orange eye and a pure white pupil, his right ear is a fungal mess that looks like a purple mass of mushrooms and is barely functional giving muffled hearing on his right, the right side but not top of his head overgrown with wiry white hair that slowly dreads into dozens of tiny horns, all his teeth as black and his jaws hugely oversized. His orange skin has a natural AC of 3. His right eye lets him see through illusions and reveals shape changers but is not true-seeing. the hearing on his right side is 50% normal but the mushrooms emit strange alien spores which grow in dead flesh. This Necrospore is by far his greatest power and will be detailed in full. His wiry hair is AC 0 and the tiny horns are super dense so that any head butts to the front or right or rear count as a mace dam 1D8. His black teeth regrow in rows like a shark and do 2D4 dam. His oversized jaws let him to 150% str bonus dam with his bite.

The Necrospore is fungus that spreads to corpses. If given time, by not being destroyed, the corpse will animate and join the horde. Krodda’s fungal right ear means the undead will not attack him but does not give him control nor is the fungus eating him alive. However his strange god which created the Necrospore gives Krodda total power over the sporeborn. The creatures reanimated by the necrospore are not undead. Sporeborn fall into 3 types depending on the level of decay of the corpse. Fresh kills become Greater Sporeborn. Those that are still mostly whole but rotting are normal Sporeborn. Those that are mostly bone are lesser sporeborn. Lesser sporeborn are much like skeletons and have fungus covering their bones and in their marrow. Their stats are as skeleton versions of their former selves plus the following: Rotting touch so that wounds inflicted only heal by magic or while resting in a place sanctified to a good deity. When destroyed they break apart scattering the rot in their marrow. This MarrowWind ahahhaahhahahh yes I made that joke, is a 10’X10’ scatter effect. Those in the area make a save vs breath weapon to avoid it. If they fail the fungus get all over them. If not cleaned off in 1D4 hours it will totally cover their gear, then in 24 hours later the fungus will drill into their skin. From then on every 24 hours the target must save vs deseise or summer a temporary minus 1 to constitution, this is only temporary damage but if it ever brings their CON to 0 they rise as a greater Sporeborn.

Normal Sporeborn are much like ghouls and as a writhing mass of fungus. Their stats are as ghouls versions of their former selves plus the following: Putred Touch so that wounds inflicted only heal by magic and the victim must save vs disease or takes 1D4 damage per day. Every time the save is made the victim gains a plus 1 to farther saves but only for that infection. When they take 1/4th of their HP their gut ruptures and they must make a save vs disintegration. When the gut ruptures anyone directly in front of them is covered with acidic slime that does 1D4 acid dam per round until neutralized or washed off. If the normal sporeborn fails its save it blows itself in two. Its upperbody crawls attack attacks while its lower body runs and attacks with intestines.

Greater Sporeborn are nearly the same as their normal selves but slowly are consumed by the spore and turn into a Sporechild, The process takes about 1 year per HD. As a child he was touched by his glowing god and his face is the result.


Krodda "Dead-Eye" Hawgrud

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