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  • Scorchers

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/17456/scorchers.png(Scorchers)! The Scorchers are Pyromaniacs one and all but aside from that are the most diverse gang. Most are fighters or rogues (like nearly all the gangs) but clerics and even the odd [[ …

  • Hivers

    Hivers are more a family then gang, with a horrid reason behind it. During [[the Time of Kings]] Beld created Doppelgangers spies from human subjects. They are all said to have died during the fail of Beld but not before they spread they genetic gifts. …

  • Hotfive

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/17458/the_hot_five.png(The hot five)! The Hotfive is a gang based in [[Vilnada]] but the members travel throughout [[Beld]]. The gang is made up of about two dozen minstrels and three times that number of bards …

  • Gloves of the Red Whore

    Gloves of the Red Whore Painless Murder weapon Author: GristleDemon Category: gloves Game System: Hackmaster *Description* Acts are bracers of defence ac 0. Each gloves does 2D6 damage. All damage is utterly painless. * …

  • De Silva

    super short info ahahah !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/17820/De_Silva.png(De silva)! Main House Location: Main Military Bases: [[De Silva Keep]], De Silva are the second most powerful family in [[Beld]]. They focus on mercenaries and …

  • Da Vinci

    super short info bonus gain +50 percentile points to INT score. so INT 14/55 becomes INT 15/05 can buy [[Melkin]] goods, even as starting gear if they can afford it.

  • Noaro

    short info 3rd most powerful family in [[Beld]]. gain a bonus of +50 percentile points to DEX score. so DEX 14/55 becomes DEX 15/05. in beld they have access to drugs and poison. in [[beld]] they have 50% off spells, buying them or hiring them.

  • Daroko

    short info gain plus 50 percentile points to CHA. so CHA 14/55 becomes CHA 15/05. Pirate Cunning. Gain plus 10% to all skill checks at sea. Minor families that support Daroko: [[Valentino]], [[Emanuel]].

  • Poalo Valicomi

    short info Prince of [[Beld]]. Figure head ruler of the nation, Poalo is 48 years old and has no illusions about his real power. He generally lives it up and tries to avoid having an opinion on any subject lest his conflict with one of the major families …

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