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  • Azivli

    More ot come Great Cleric of Jex Named the Hateful by his foes Used [[:1121]]

  • Old Bones

    "Two-thousand stones of madness packed in a sixty stone body." (Goon Vargle to Hurdy) Old Bones is leader of both the nation of [[Kor]] and the chaos infected followers of [[The Eyes]]. He is a ganguly albino Minotaur standing 12 feet tall and weighs …

  • Goon Vargle

    "We dont have time! Just RUN! The beasts have over-run all the gates and the High Marshall has fallen! Run befoGRRRRRK!!" (*Translated from Gnomish* Last words of Captain Yorry Yinscit as Mossy Nook burned all around.) Goon Vargle is the current head …

  • the Great Wolf

    A horrifing living god to the werebeasts of [[Rabidash]]. The Great Wolf is a massive canine that towers over lesser beasts yet moves swiftly with a supernatural grace.

  • Poalo Valicomi

    short info Prince of [[Beld]]. Figure head ruler of the nation, Poalo is 48 years old and has no illusions about his real power. He generally lives it up and tries to avoid having an opinion on any subject lest his conflict with one of the major families …

  • Virginia Valicomi

    short info the current queen of [[Janid]], Virginia is only 34 years old making her one of the younger queens to rule janid. Virginia was the last in line for the throne but the death of [[Virginia Valicomis sisters | her sisters]] forced her to lead. …

  • Fyn

    Fyn is Daemon with a long and strange past, he has lost more power than most beings can conceive of. For many an age this made him bitter and his rash actions diminished what little power he still held. He was finally force to flee to the plane of Fire …

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