Black pyramid

Where Doonan, Jex and Great Sands meet there is a ten mile diameter circle of black sand where nothing lives. No animals crawl across it and none fly in the Sky overhead. Even the clouds avoid it so the sun burns down with relentless fury. The Pyramid itself it in the very center of the devastation.

146/438 meters/feet tall

55,000/165,000 meter/feet base

The Black Sand drains life from all beings native to the Prime Material Plane at a rate of 1D6 hp per hour. This is not a death or negative energy attack and no save is allowed. The only defences are a altered version of Anti-Plant Shell cast by a druid using a handful of the sand as a component. Another defence is a Melkin Envirosuit MK I or better.

Beyond the sands deadly power many fiends roam the sands. Black Sand Spectres are the most common but many fallen genie and efreeti serve the Pyramid as well. The doomed beings can never return to their home planes as the power of Hergza Al’zulg has enslaved their very essence. For them to be free he must find true death, a task even the greatest of their kind can not hope to accomplish.

The Black Pyramid is made of a substance similar to the Bone Spire of Hildigran, Di Tzerg. However the black bone of that tower are merely a poor mans substitute for this unearthly substance. Named “Shadow Glass” by the sages who study it. It has several possible properties but there is no way to test what powers it has as oppossed to what powers Hergza Al’zulg grants it. The appearent powers are, immunity to scrying, immunity to ALL Teleportation, no known force can harm it. Oddly the death effect of the sands does not affect anyone touching any part of the Pyramid.

He Who Has No Name, or HWHNN, serves Hergza Al’zulg and is his voice in all things. No living beings have seen his master in over 500 years and this is partly thanks to the skill of HWHNN. He hunts down all those his master decree a treat and to date none have survived his deathmark, only delayed it. HWHNN has a strange weakness however that is the only way to keep him at bay. He can never enter a building when confronted by someone who has never taken anothers life. He will be driven back until Dusk or Dawn, whichever comes first. Hergza Al’zulg created Midnight’s Gleaming for HWHNN.

Black pyramid

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