what happens when the scum of the surrounding nations are dumped into a swamp full of giant lizards? The Bloodlands! Seemingly endless stretches of mire and enough insects to drive a monk insane. The Bloodlands are a disorganized mess. Due to the odd and highly magical nature of the Bloodlands no structures will survive more then 24 hours. The exceptions are buildings that are always on the move, either on a cart, beast or boat. This is the reason Party Town is build on boats and rafts.

Skills for free: basic looting 50%, advanced looting 15%, dibs calling 25%, survival swamp 25%.

Advantages: can innately cast Shift-Blame once per day for every level over 5th. only suffer half penalty for fighting on unstable terrain and after 5th level no penalty.

Disadvantages: all non bandit/tribes people view them with suspicion. they are beastly and chaotic suffering a -6 to reactions from urban beings and a -3 from all other non bandits/tribes people.

Ruler: Silverblood

Capital: Where ever Silverblood is.

Leader of the military: Donner Gaskin & Elisia Uldor

God: officially whatever Silverblood say at the time.

Located in the western Waste it is a haven for crime but also freedom. It is bordered by Great Sands on the east. Kor to the north-east. Yasten Hills to the north. Orgnulgo forest to the north-west. Terminia to the west. Ardinia to the south-west. The mountains of Melkin are to the south.

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The people are or mixed descent, however the nation formed from miscreants and criminals of all types dumped into the swamp. This started around two-thousand years ago but two major events were more recent. The first was Silverblood emerging from the south in YH 1807 (191 years ago) where he slowly massed the bandits into the force he commands today. The second event was the arrival the Amazing Zorf and his companions who are known today simply as The Swashbuckler and Old Nameless. The trio came from the west in YH 1947 (51 years ago) and re-founded the city of New Freeport only to have everyone refer to it as Party Town by YH 1951. Silverblood raided the city for a short time until what is called “The Slap” occured. Basicly Silverblood stole candy from a small child only to have the older sibling slap him in the face. The effect was rather humbling and Elisia Uldor (the elder sibling) gained peace for the town and a place in Silverblood’s crew.

Rulers and overview.

The only real law is no slavery of any sort. Everyone has the right to be free. they leads to a lot of fighting and chaos but for the most part everyone is happy. Silverblood only really cares about anything he can see so from day to day different areas fall under his watch. He basically naps and eats while his minions run things. Donner Gaskin is in charge of raids and other pilfering which he does with gusto. Elisia Uldor has the difficult task of organizing the “Nation” and the near impossible task of acting as “Diplomat to the Rest of the World” or DRW as Silverblood calls her.

what they think of: Great Sands, “You know I could rule them too but what have they got besides sand? Their entire land is one big lavatory. plus my people know how to party, so we win again!” Kor, “We raid them so they raid us, copycats. Still they are alright.” Yasten Hills, “ahahhaha look at small they are I just want to bat them around like a ball of yarn.” Orgnulgo forest, “Masters of the forest my tail! You still can’t catch me. Atleast they are different.” Terminia, “What is the point of these guys again? All they do is act grumpy and all but BEG me to steal from them. They should be thanking me and like make a statue of me.” Ardinia, “They talk to much but atleast they are not as stuck up as their cousins. Still I like their shiney stuff soooo…” Melkin, “How are they still alive? You know if i get to bored i think i may take them over. I mean all they do is THINK, and what good ever came of that? They do have some fun looking toys.”

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