Bone-smasher and wall-pounder.

Author: GristleDemon

Category: weapon (melee)

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Doomthump is a giant sized Flat club +2. +10 to critical hit severity level. does double damage to constructed beings (golems, robots, etc). Does 1d4 SEIGE damage to fortifications and buildings.

Backstory Crafted from the coldest iron ever for a frost giant warlord in the Fulvkund steppes. It was used to deadly effect against the Gennemon boarder guards. Finally the giant warlord was slain by a combined force from Gennemon and Jadavac in YH 1780. The huge club was given to the Ferbolg, the assumption being they could use it. The Ferbolg would not use such a weapon and decided to cast it into a great glacial rift. There it lay until it was freed it YH 1998 by Kruvles the Baneful Loathing. Kruvles was searching for his lost general Verridos Yorkal the Deathknight. He did not even give the club a second thought and had it carted back to UUN along with anything else that looked mildly interesting. Doomthump would not make it to UUN as even the mighty undead lords have enemies. A force from Katoon, lead by Uhvlov Havtram, raged deep into UUN. The cleric lead force was more out for glory then real victory, they intended to stay away from major cities while killing as many undead as they could. when they came upon the undead carrying Doomthump they thought it was their lucky day, at first. The lesser undead were no trouble and they quickly decided to load up the loot and be off. As they got under way their rear guard came under attack by Kruvles himself. While most tried to aid their friends against the lich, the group with Doomthump just ran. They alone made it back to Katoon. By now Doomthump is in the hands of a mighty warrior of that odd land.


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