short info halfling nation they export alot of grain and meat. on the black market they export alot of drugs. ally of Ichia.

all euphibians must roll , with no rerolls for any reason ever. if they roll under 50 then all drugs have half effects and duration. they also have only half the change of addiction. if they roll over 50% then all drug effects and durations are 50% greater. they also have double the chance of addiction. if they roll 50% then they are immune to drugs, and gain a plus 2 to saves vs poison.

all euphibians have a -2 to reactions with lawful guards and other law enforcement. plus roughly 1 in 10 guards will be racist and may give the PC an extra hard time or even plant evidence depending on the reaction roll. 1 in 200 LG guards, 1 in 10 LN guards, 1 in 2 LE guards.

skills for free: brewing or knowledge drugs at 50%, 10 BPs to choice of. brewing, streetcred, slip away into shadows, herbalism, or cooking.

bonus light xbow bonus +1. can be a halfling thug.


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