Eye of the Crimson Duke

Author: GristleDemon

Category: Fake Eye

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Cone of fire 3/day. Damage is 10D6, save vs Breath Weapon for half. Cone is 20’ long and 10’ wide at the end. Mass Charm on anyone who meets the Eye’s gaze. Constant Trueseeing.

Backstory Forged in secret by the Crimson Duke of Virox, Tslezr Siu. He used it in an attempt to overthrow the Red Council in YH 1891. He had nearly every Bloodmage in the nation under his command. He was thwarted by the fledgling adventuring group Tyimos Delvers lead by Tyimo Vri of Virox. With the Blazeform Scarletwinkle Tyimo fought the Duke to a standstill but could not overcome the Charm power of the Eye. In the end master Thief Eli Trideka stole the Eye right out of the Duke’s socket. The Duke was put to death, Tyimo’s Delvers became a legend in the south, and Eli showed once again why he was called the world’s greatest thief.

Eye of the Crimson Duke

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