First Lands

Slavesofthefirstlandsshort info Land of evil dragons.

The great Red dragons are the rulers but most do little and know even less. It is the red crested amber bellied dragons who truly run the land. The clerics of Tiamat are a powerful force as a whole but the strongest cleric is still Scorge. as one of the oldest and smartest Red Scorge is the closest thing the firstlands have to a king.

Black Dragons make up about 30% of the population. the great Reds and they amber bellied kin are 10% and 15% respectively. the remaining 45% are assorted other evil dragons, Slag scailed dragons, Specklied and mottled dragons, even spiny and deep dragons.

it should be noted each dragon keeps a few slaves and some of thousands or tens of thousands. the great wyrms have entire cities full of slaves.

The first lands have had no luck destroying their metalic kin, as wel las many set backs. They were enslaved and used as weapons by the survivors of Targ. Led into a war by Gloommantel, a crafty shadowdragon from the land of old. the during the war of the elements Scorge slew his rivals then led them into yet another war. All the bloodshed pleased Tiamat but they have yet to win any real victories.

the firstlands are by no means weak… they are deadly infact. but the full might of Vigil and the Dwarves of the Steel Mountains have been arreyed against them for thousands of years. were either of these two lands to weaken…... the dragons would surely sweep across the land.

it should be noted older wiser dragons of the firstlands fear the tiny island of Yaz. those younger dragons that go there to find otu why never return.

First Lands

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