Flora and Fauna of Tarvakar

Hildigran Skyfish

Winged Fish. They range in size from sardine to small mouth bass. The wings are scaly and lizard-like. Domestic Skyfish are enchanted with minor communication spells such as Magic Mouth. While Festive Skyfish are enchanted with some minor illusion.

Each of the Great Sky Cities has their own specialized Skyfish. None of these specialized Skyfish are living beings, they are all constructs.

Zi Ktuzk (Crystal Spire) Crystal Skyfish are sleek and beautiful. They emit a constant aura of Know Alignment in 50’. MV 48’(B). HD 1. AC 5. Schools of these Skyfish patrol Zi’Ktuzk watchful for any deviant alignments.

Ki Zerkthz (Lead Spire) Lead Skyfish are very simple forms that look at least fish-like. They emit a constant aura of Anti-ESP/Anti-charm in 30’. MV 24’(C) HD 3 AC -2 or 8 if hit which a spell that weakens metal.

Di Tzerg (Bone Spire) Black Bones Skyfish are constructed from the same twisted black bones as Di’Tzerg itself. They can emit a constant Animate Dead Aura in 10’. Each Skyfish can control a max of 10HD of undead. MV 36(C) HD 5 AC 3 or 6 if weakened by a appropriate bone related spell. These Skyfish lead patrols of undead throughout Di’Tzerg.

Work Animals

Krhud (Iron Sheep)

Spotted Waste-Runner

Wyker (Gennemon Donkey)

Durches (Scalebacks)

Veltish Strider

Sssruur (Snake Ape)

Battle Animals

Wartooth Battle Steed

Yasten Warbear

Frrrshaaargga (Frost Tiger)

Druzg (Blade Dog)


Zver (House Tiger)


Wild Animals


Giggling Note

Blaze Dancer

Cen and Tar

Pyrolapus (Bomb Bunny)

Sprenglers Mollusk (Angry Barnacle)

Sacred Animals

Plurdoo (Cloud Lizards)

Bzd (Water Bug)

Kabbowy (Stone Bird)

Ganz (Sky Whale)

Kzluzk (Flame Goat)

Trees and Bushes

Orroo Tree

Darva Tree

Busho Bush

Vines and Parasitic plants

Hulloo Vine

Vuch Vine


Shimmer Stalk

Meldon Purple Grass

Rasher Grass

Flowers and Ferns

Tetch Gray Fern (Acid Fern)

Angery Daisies

Veltish Sun Lily (Sleeping Lily)

Flora and Fauna of Tarvakar

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