Land of Stone and stoic endurance. Long have they held their lands against the frost giants of the Fulvkund Steppes. Gennemon is a communist government but was set up by three artificial life forms. Acting on ancient orders they gathered the few wretched human tribes together where they could protect and teach them. Despite their advanced founders the average person in Gennemon is highly ignorant of technology. The AIs only showed the humans enough to survive, for some reason they refuse to allow living beings into the great factories and labs. The AIs readily construct robotic guardians for the nation however as they are intent on keeping non-humans out. So human guards at the boarder will check your papers and such, but if the guard is a golem it only cares about one thing. So non-humans, even genetically different humans like people from Jadavac or Vyce Yellagar, will be detected and turned away with deadly force if needed.

Gennemon is north-east of Storm Peak Mountain, north of Great Velt, north-west of the disputed land Terminia and Orgnulgo forest are fighting over, it is west of Jadavac.

Skill for Free: 20 BPs to spend on Combat skills, but no more then 5 BPS can be spent on any one skill.

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