Grak the Gray

Old magic, born of blood and stone. Grak is a club with an gnarled and twisted look, as though it were a grown thing. but Grak is made from old gray bone, possably a twisted mutent of some kind. The Rune Grak, meaning Pain in old stone tongue, is engraved upon the head of Grak the Gray. Grak has been used for years beyond count, with different beings claiming it. Few look upon the twisted bone and guess its’ hidden power, so it ends up in the hands of brutes and scavangers.

Grak has no story or tail, just blood and suffering. It was first raised in anger when the dwarfs still hid in their womb within the earth. The pain of the wielder gives power to Grak, until they are a spent dry shell.

Grak the Gray is a one handed blunt weapon. damage S/M/L 1D6/1D8/1D10. SF 3. WT 5LBS. Grak is a plus 5 weapon as far as what it can hit and damage. Grak has no enchantment of any kind, it is a corrupted item and is full of mindless hate. The more fear and suffering the wielder sustains the more power Grak grants them. For every 10% of their max total HP they suffer they gain Damage plus 1. For every failed fear save or morale check they gain a plus 1 tohit, to a max of plus 5. No fear or morale actually effects(affects?) them in any way but they more they feel the greater Grak’s power.

if left alone Grak will slowly move to drink blood from nearby bodies.

Grak the Gray

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