Great Sands

Great Sands (Zwich desert)

Free skills: Bartering 25%, land-based riding 25%, desert survival 75%.

Adv: two bonus languages, after 5th level no penalty to archery while riding. with a successful riding check. after 10th no check is needed.

Dis: ill at ease in urban settings such as towns or cities, suffering a -10% to percentile rolls and -1 to D20 rolls.

Ruler: The Oasis Master.

Capital: the “Great” Zlasvi Oasis.

Leader of the military: Qion Kizwak

God: The Oasis Master and various elemental spirits. It is rumored The Oasis Master serves the will of Tarvakar.

Located in the eastern Waste it is seen a burning blight. it is bordered by the Bloodlands (west), Doonan (north), the Black pyramid (north-east), Jex (east), Euphibia (south-east), and the Melkin Mountains to the south.

The people are or mixed descent, however the nation formed from remnents of the Daemon War between Jex and Hildigran.

Rulers and overview. A land of tribes and merchants. laws are barely existent anywhere beyond the Zlasvi Oasis. the people are somber and plain save in times of celebration. Their master and god the Oasis master is seldom seen even by those highest in his service. most everything is dealt with by servants such as Qion Kizwak. his minions savagely destroy anything that would interfere with trade. as such punishment for crimes that hurt commerse are heavy. the Oasis master’s personal mage is a man named YzkiZlka zel TviGraz zi Umzt Di Tzerg who is widely believed to be a elemental of some kind. The merchent Ezkel zel Zlerkiva zi Zwich is well known for taking passengers safely through the desert.

the Bloodlands are a issue for Zwich like most nations but thanks to the vastly different climate it is less pressing. The natives are the best deterrent as their tactics too closely mirror those of the Bloodland bandits.

Doonan is the most pressing concern as they are at war with Zwich, and everywhere else for that matter. The mantis-men are a fearsome threat and the main reason for an active army in Zwich.

The Black Pyramid is greatly feared by the desert people and they will never go near its’ black sands. The Zlasvi Oasis has never been attacked by the minions of the pyramid, whether this is due to fear of the oasis master or something else is unknown.

trade wiht Jex is common but somewhat strained as raiders from Great Sands pray on caravans from their neighbors. However a very stronge trade still exists thanks to black market. Everything from Melkin inventions to drugs can be obtains from “honest” merchents of the Zlasvi Oasis.

what they think of euphibia

little extra info

typical random magical manifestations include: enhanced fire magic, enhanced earth magic, enhanced air magic, minor sand elemental servants, sand portals, hard air, quasi real illusions.

Great Sands

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