bonus: humans from Jadavac are basicly a subrace. they gain a plus 1 to CHA and CON but a minus 1 to STR.

a Land born from the Dragon Wars, settled by the Bronze/Brass Dragons and their mortal allies. The Furbolg giant tribes had already settled the far north of Jadavac but came to ally themselves with the newcomers against the Frost Giants. over the years the interbreeding of human and dragon has made humans from Jadavac more of a sub-race. most have very little dragon blood but all have some distant kinship to the dragons.

Currently the nation is run by three separate councils. The Scale Council speaks for the dragon families. The Grayed Ones speak for the Furbolg clans. and finally the Council of Sages speaks for the humans.

They have fought the frost giants since jadavac was formed. They are stedfast military allies of Gennemon but disagree with them politically. They basicly leave the Orgnulgo forest alone, so the apes and their allies leave Jadavac alone. They are military allies with the gnomes of Yasten Hills as well as firm trade partners. They hate and hunt the undead of UUN.



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