short info desert kingdom once hildigran and Jex were one nation the magi of hildigran split off it what is known as the Daemon War. Jex is ruled by clerics and zealots but the mystic holy men know to outsiders as the Daemonologists, or Zkri avalviz to he locals, have guided the nation for thousands of years.

Jex trades with the halflings of euphibia (south) and to a limited degree with Melkin(south west). They dislike the bandits of Zwitch(west) but still use them for their black market goods. they hold their boarders from the mantis men of Doonan(north west) and the Great Orc(east) tribes. They HATE hildigran (north) but the war is mostly cold by this point with random clashes.

Magi of all kinds are outlawed in Jex. This means the so called Daemonologists of Shadow or Zkri avalviz Ulzrav are outlaws in their own land.

the poeple of Jex speak Hexi but many of the nobles and clerics speak Lowargian.


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