Land of strength worshipping gladiators, all major positions within their society are filled by ritual combat in the great arena. They are able hunters of the undead as all from Katoon, who remain true to the worship of their odd gods, are immune to stat and level drain!

They hate and hunt the undead of UUN. They have grudging respect for Kor but only trade unofficially. They are always on watch for the mantis-men of Doonan but even their best defences would do little good were it not for their fire elf allies. They get along well with the Fire Elves and the two nations have been allies even since the elves arrived in Tarvakar. The elves have used their magic to watch over Katoon for so many generations that few remember why the elves care such for their human allies. The elves for their part dislike the subject immensely, as they remember a time when fortunes were reversed.

They trade with Yasten Hills and Jadavac via a long and winding trade route.

CHA and COM do not give reaction mods. use STR like CHA and CON like COM. they hate weakness.

skills for free: Flex Muscles 50%, Intimidate 25%, religion KIatoon 75%, drinking 25%.

Bonus: Everyone gains a free spec in wrestling. +1 to saves vs cold. Clerics of Hulden are immune to stat or level drain, and gain a plus 4 to saves vs other negative energy attacks.

Penalty: spells, not undead powers, that lower STR or CON below 8 force a moral check, or a fear save for PCs.



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