Krysskalvt's Shell

Magic Shield made from eggshell.

Author: GristleDemon

Category: armor

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Medium shield +5. Half dam from acid, save for none. Ray and bolt spells (Magic missile, l-bolt, etc) can by negated with a save vs breath weapon. If this special save fails a normal save is still allowed where applicable. The shield itself is +10 on all saves. the shield does not take damage from attacks that it blocks. Krysskalvt’s Shell is not yet an artifact but is nearly as hard to damage.

Backstory Forged from the eggshell of Krysskalvt’s egg. after the beast lurked off into the Tech Swamp the shell was retrieved by Beldish soldiers who sold it to an undisclosed family. It was given to Virox Blood mages for undisclosed services. The shall was forged into a shield in YH 1932 at the behest of the Great Wolf. It never reached Rabidash and is believed to have been stolen by bandits and sold. A shield with magic reflective power was seen in use by a Wasteland raider in YH 1956 but this is unsubstantiated. If Krysskalvt’s Shell was ever in the Waste it is a safe bet that Silverblood has it by now.

Krysskalvt's Shell

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