Lady Jane's Blade

A mighty blade that protects its’ wielder

Author: GristleDemon

Category: weapon (melee)

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Long Sword Plus 15. Indestructible. Grants the wielder, as long as it remains on their person (held or carried), AC 0 and MR 1D100%. The D100 is rolled ever time a MR check is needed…. so the MR will change continuously.

Only the first two powers work in the hands of anyone other than Lady Jane and the blade will function as a Dancing Weapon (and attack the offender) if anyone Lawfully aligned touches it.

No act of God or Gods may damage the blade in anyway…..this includes all attempts to dispel or suppress its magic.

Using this weapon will surely draw the attention of at-least one elder deity, usually Sxyzum or Shadow.

Backstory Forged by Emotion as a gift for the late Whimsy and placed within her tomb. There it sat since time began, until Lady Jane of Ulgren (Firepeak) retrieved it in YH 1995. She remains under the impression her long dead Goddess is the Blade’s creator. Why she was allowed into the tomb, let alone allowed to take the Blade, are both unknown.

Lady Jane's Blade

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