Short info Flag: Winking Jolly Roger.

Capital:New Freeport.

Mage Capital: Hidden College.

Warriors: Temple of Buff.

Notable locations: Mount McMag, the 26th New Freeport, Olde Freebee.

Skills for free: Gambling 25%, 15 BPs of random skills, Pirate Lore 50%.

Bonus: +2 to saves VS mind control.

Penalty: Can not be lawful.

if i changed this info every second of every day it would not even begin to suffice. basicly land of crazy rebels and the insane. they have no real army save those random few who are on the same strange trip at the moment and so form up lord of the flies style but this always passes. over the years many crazy adventurers have moved to lunidan and so this nation has the highest population of adventurers in the realms. it is also home the the only known wildmagic school, how no one has blown it up remains a mistery.

the people of lunidan founded it to be a land of freedom and well… piracy. this stems from the first lunidians being pirates from the south. they founded the capital of New Freeport following the map of the god they call only The Captain. a mithical man who somehow saved everyone from something, but no two lunidians can ever agree on what. if you see a wildmage you best bet is to run, after all the sun-burned wooden-legged drooling madman may look weak but do you really want to get a mountain dropped on you just cus he sneezed in mid-casting?

randomly trades with euphibian, Wartooth, Melkin, Virox basicly anyone if the mood takes them.

lunidan is one of the biggest producers of magic items, much to the dismay of the rest of the world.

Lunidians keep up the pirate tradition but sometimes they dont. they are not a massive fleet, some of the time. when some especially grand sea adventure precents itself many flock join in while others ignore or counterman the efforts. in the end a massive fleet is the usually result which then meanders about rapidly loosing ships. the last great fleet formed in YH 1972 when Grogmaster Fishsticks told all his friends he found the Captain’s hat and it told him where to find his sword. this drunked lie would be the death of him 3 years and nearly 15000 “oops didnt see that reef my bad”s when everyone just got sick of him and went home, leaving him to fight an enraged Krakan alone. and by leaving him i mean tossing him overboard. even tho this fleet was a massive failure some of the ships that deserted found treasure and adventure but mostly just fish.

these fleets are somewhat silly but while still in their heady drunked glory are the most deadly force on the water. with the odd nature of lunidians even a good number of under sea ships end up joining the fleets. its not unknown for smarter nations, or even under sea races, to trick these fleets into stumbling a way that aids them but usually they are to drunk and disorderly to control at all.


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