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Flag is: 4 white gems on blue.

Player info for the nation of: Melkin

Free Skills: read/write melkin at 90%, 10BPs to academic skills.

Adv: can train at Melkin schools. all math or language skills cost half BPs at charactor creation.

Dis: Roll Social class. UUC are native born melkins. MUC are native melkins born to one or more non-natives. LUC are non-native but gained favor early and so only add 4 years to their starting age. all others add 8 years to their starting age.

Ruler: the Melkin Council.

Capital: Gerden

Leader of the military: NONE, the melkin do not have a true military. they use troops from allied nations or sellswords.

God: The Peacemaker


Rulers and society. The Melkin are inventors and peacemakers, and they remain neutral in all conflicts but will defend their own land with forces borrowed or bought. for many many years the melkin have been known for their clerics, wandering healers who settle disputes as peacefully as they can. The classic white and blue robes of these Clerics of the Peacemaker are well known through-out the continent. Since they heal for free and carry so little they are usually left alone by even the most bloodthirsty bandit. In recent generations things have changes, the mad thinkers of Melkin now drive the nation. They create new and dangerious things, changing the world day by day. The trading of such goods, legal and otherwise, is a huge market at the moment in tarvakar.

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