Mo'Droz the Striker

Author: GristleDemon

Category: weapon (melee)

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Mo’Droz the Striker is a seven-headed dancing flail +3. Acts as a sword of dancing but each head attacks independently. The first head attacks as a 1 HD monster, the second as a 2HD monster, and so on. Mo’Droz still retains it’s +3 bonus when dancing.

Backstory One of the few known magic items to come from the Freestates of Kor. Its forging is unknown but its line of destruction is. It was wielded by the gnoll Gurder Rustbiter of clan Skrraggin who fell at the battle of Whitehill (Yasten) in YH 1527. He was slain by Pingle Nhinwich captain of the Whitehill bear chavalry. He kept Mo’Droz as a trophy until YH 1575 when Whitehill was again besieged. Mo’Droz chased a fleeing ogre after the battle, as Pingle had never learned the command to stop Mo’Droz. After slaying the ogre some 3 miles away Mo’Droz finally deactivated. It was quickly scavenged by the locals and through a bloody, thought unclear, chain of events ended up in clan Skuzy. Drungreler Frug the dark troll wielded Mo’Droz at the fall of Fringle (Yasten) in YH1603. Using the flail as a personal body guard he gathered a great following. Numerous raids later it became clear he was gathering forces for some great assault. In YH1605 he plan was clear, Drungreler and his followers would march on Coldwood, massive commerce crossroads of the north. This battle would go down in the history of all the northern nations as one of the most savage. Caravans from a number of nations were present at the time of the attack, which came swiftly and without warning due to Drungreler’s magic. What should have been a sure swift victory became a grueling ordeal. The lovers Vi lrl ils and Kravlerm happened to be staying in a local inn. The pair of elves became the center of the city’s defence. After the third day the once mighty city was burning and the remainder was under assault. By that evening two new forces had joined the battle, or had tried to. The cleric Domla Stoph of Katoon lead a zealous complement of fifty battle hardened priests to aid Coldwood. While at the same time an army of wights lead by a vampire lord from Pomwunerger (UUN) descended to wipe out both armies. The force from Katoon and the force from UUN met just beyond the river that formed Coldwood’s northern border. In the ensuing chaos Mo’Droz passed hands many times, first from Drungreler to his slayer Kravlerm, then from Kravlerm to the gnome Ignats Visil, then from Ignats to his slayer Slpur the orc, from Slpur to her slayer Corwin Atherby,from Corwin to the scavenging blood-goblin Tre Duskerr. Tre ran from the battle in Coldwood and smack into the battle outside Coldwood. Tre died before he could so much as go “meep” when a pack of wights noticed him running by. Two days later, the fifth day of the battle, Domla led the 18 remaining clerics into Coldwood. The hordes of Kor had fled and a tiny portion of the city remained. As the peoples of Katoon and Yasten began to rebuild, Kravlerm and Vi’lrl’ils departed for Greatwood. Along the way they pasted the battle site where Mo’Droz lay. Kravlerm and Vi’lrl’ils later, in YH1762, gave Mo’Droz to Elorn Vilsalral, current patriarch and head of the Vilsalral Cavaliers. Then just two years ago, in YH 1996, Elorn awarded it to his star pupal, a young fire elf by the name of Vez. Where Vez has gone with Mo’Droz is still unclear.

Mo'Droz the Striker

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