Mulgin's Dancing Shoes of Hyperactive Insanity

Dance till you drop…. and then dance some more

Author: GristleDemon

Category: footwear

Game System: Hackmaster

Description The Wearer’s DEX increases to 25 and can literally dance on an arrow in flight. however these shoes are cursed so that once they are put on they can never be taken off. The Wearer will dance no matter what. This makes sleep very very difficult, among other things Each turn of dancing the wearer is Hasted, first double speed, then triple and so on until the wearer is moving so fast they are invisible to normal sight. The shoes do not give their wearer the ability to function at such high speeds however, so tripping or dancing into buildings is very common. After 24 hours of dancing the wearer will start to lose their mind, forcing a WIS check once per day. After 10 days the owner dies from the strain.

Backstory This is why no one wants magic items made in Luniden. Made by a mad cobbler in YH 1873 these seemingly normal, although brightly colored, tap shoes have been a menace ever since. Despite their handicaps at least one wearer found a way to use these shoes with a minimal danger. Mulgin the Merry, otherwise known as the Mad Mage of Mt McMag, used these shoes to spectacular effect. By developing a alternate form of the spell Premonition and always having a Remove Curse handy he was able to use these shoes for years. He found them in an old warehouse near the Euphibian border in YH 1984 and was last seen wearing them in YH 1991 when he single-handedly repelled a massive assault on his mountain by Wasteland bandits, fighting on three fronts at once.

Mulgin's Dancing Shoes of Hyperactive Insanity

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