New Class

Some New Classes and where they come from. some of these can be played from level one while others must be trained later in life. (1) means can be played at 1st level if all requirements are met. (2) means can only be gained after 3rd level, these classes can be gained by any race who meets the requirement and is still considered single-class(provided there only have one class aside from the New Class just gained). (3) means the class can only be gained by direct godly favor.

Mage Slayer Peltesh. (2)

Warrior Sage Jadavac. (1) (2)

Chaos Touched Kor. (3)

Arcanic Melkin. (1)

Zkri avalviz (Daemonologist) Jex.(1) (2)

Xvi Hruuz (Sky Knights) Hildigran. (2)

Dragon Slayer Vigil. (2) (3)

Drgaaaddahralg (Home Guard) Mountain Dwarves. (2)

Flesh Garbed Rabidash. (2)

Blood Moon Knight Wartooth. (2)

Tainted Pelidian Cluster. (3)

Kwuddergros (Roughly translated as “Action Hero”) Katoon. (2)

Elementalist (not so much a new class as 5 orders of nature. Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Energy. The first 4 are very normal while the last has very different powers. Both Druids and Rangers may follow one of these orders. Orgnulgo Forest. (1) (2 but in this case only through godly favor).

Terminknight Terminia (2)

some more once i fill these out fully. heh i’ lazy

New Class

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