Northern nations

Gennemon, Jadavac, UUN, Katoon, and the Fire Elves.

Gennemon is north-east of Storm Peak Mountain, north of Great Velt, north-west of the disputed land Terminia and Orgnulgo forest are fighting over, it is west of Jadavac.

Jadavac is east of Gennemon, north of Orgnulgo forest, north-west of Yasten Hills, and west of UUN.

UUN or the United Undead Nations is east of Jadavac, north-east of Yasten Hills, north of Kor, and west of Katoon.

Katoon is east of UUN, north-east of Kor, north of Doonan, and west of the Fire Elves.

The Fire Elves are east of Katoon, north-east of Doonan, and north of Hildigran.

The northern nations are in general older and larger then the midlands or southlands but there are many exceptions. of the northern nations Jadavac is the youngest as it formed after the Dragon War. with the exception of Velt and the Waste no other nations are even close to the size of the northern nations.
it should be noted that still OTHER nations exist in the far north. just above jadavac and Gennemon are the frost giant lands. above UUN and katoon are strange frozen wild lands full of far more life that should be the case. above the fire elves dwell the Great Trolls, ancient and strange beings with a beastial yet peaceful culture.

Northern nations

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