Elemental god of air.

Influences: Weather, Divination, War.

Nymbus is the second most worshipped of the elemental gods, the first being his brother Tarvakar god of earth. Nymbus is worshipped in Euphibia, Velt, Jadavac, Hildigran, Orgnulgo forest and many of the islands. Like all of the elemental gods, most of his worshipers are non human. He is worshipped by cloud and storm giants, Silver and Blue Dragons and farmers everywhere. Most of his clerics and worshipers are sky elves. He is seen as the creator of weather, that is why the farmers pray. Many divinators follow him. He is the elemental War god and strikes down those who offend the elder gods. He is a bit self centered and really wants to be worshipped more then his brother. Nymbus grants more flashy powers, lightning and yes flight, then his siblings in hopes of winning more followers. He does this out of pride not need. He is not the strongest of the Elemental gods. Nymbus created the Sky Elves and is terribly afraid of Star Crested Fidgets despite being the patron of all birds. This started not to long ago when the odd bird was first found, it was assumed to be Nymbus’s creation. The gods followers denied it up and down, even commune with higher plane spells have given firm but vague “no”s. Many of the best magic bows, duh, are made by his druids and rangers.

Nymbus is the only elemental god who has regular dealing with the other pantheons. some say he does this for friendship, his followers say he doe it to guide the new gods, however the truth is he just likes feeling superior.

Nymbus IS the weather. he is the sky and air. he touches all within him and nothing is beyond his sight. He is the avenger and lord of fury. He is as chaotic as Tarvakar is rational.

The High Temple of Nymbus is located in the center of the Sky Elf city of Skytop.

Worshipers LV 1-4 plus 1 to all saves vs Air magic/effects. CHA check at -8 to change an Air being’s reaction from hostile to neutral or from neutral. This power can only be used once per encounter. If the check fails this power may never affect that being again.

Worshipers LV 5-9. & Clerics LV 1-4 +2 to Air saves. CHA check at -6.

Clerics LV 1-4 any one(1) 2nd level cleric spell from the Air domain 1/day. once chosen this spell never changes.

Worshipers LV 10-15 & Clerics LV 5-9 +3 to Air saves. Worshipers gain one spell as a 1st level cleric above.

Clerics LV 5-9 Any one (1) 4th level cleric spell of the Air Domain, cast 1/day. 2nd level spell from above now cast 2/day. once chosen these spells never change.

Worshipers LV 16-21 & Clerics LV 10-15 +4 to Air saves. Worshipers gain spells as a 5th level cleric from above.

Clerics LV 10-15 Fly as the spell but duration is one (1) hour per level. Useable 1/day

I will post the ranger/druid info and the high level info later ehehhe soo many charts full of data


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