Living cloak who just wants to help.

Author: GristleDemon

Category: cloak

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Pat acts as a bag of holding. He can wield an item in each tendril. For purposes of wielding items he has a STR of 5. He can not wield a weapon but wands are possible. Sneaking around with Pat is impossible as he loudly and constantly Praises his wearer. He will run down all the deeds they have done, embellishing ever so slightly. He will take offence if anyone treats his wearer with less then total respect. Pat does not need to rest and can take watch. Pat speaks Waste cant, Melkin and Merchants Tongue.

Backstory Created on a drunken dare by an unknown mage of Lunidan. Pat is a very new magic item and have only had three bearers since his creation. He has been the death of all three and now sits waiting for another hero to wear him. Pat will not speak unless warn and so spends most of his time sitting in an old garment warehouse.


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