Racial characteristics

Beldish: Dark eyes and tan skin. Hair dark brown to black mostly straight haired. Eyes brown with some blue.

Lowrgian: light skin and eyes. Dusty Blond to platinum hair mostly curvy hair. Teal to bluegray eyes (some red eyes).

Unvilen: hairy stout people. Red to Redblond hair mostly curvy hair. Blue or brown eyes.

Velnan: tall people. Very blond to redblond/white mostly straight hair. Green or blue eyes.

Ichian: somewhat short people. Dark straight hair with brown to green eyes. Light somewhat colored skin.

Orgnulgo: slender dark tan/red skin. Black hair straight or curvy. Eyes dark brown to metallic orange.

Nunk’ul’urgli: dark brown to near black skin. Hair black mostly very curvy or dreaded. Brown eyes. Unhadi have lighter skin and straighter hair, some have blue eyes. They tend to be slighter but taller. De’unchi, Cka’lutcha, Foolaka sometimes have somewhat lighter skin and straighter hair but never have blue eyes. De’unchi are stockier and have more hair. Cka’lutchi are taller and slender with very dark skin. Foolaka have the least hair and darkest skin. Tert’Unlu have Ichian and Beldish features and have the widest range of hair and eyes. Tugawasich are shorter with lighter skin and sometimes green eyes.

Sanguinian: dead race. The first bloodmages and a once mighty empire. Actually red skin with red, orange, yellow or even gold eyes, hair is blood red to orange and mostly curvy.. The people of Virox are a deluded line of this race. They have normal human skin (dark or light depending on heritage) but all have red to yellow eyes. Sometimes a redskinned golden eyes child is born and instantly adopted by the red council.

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Racial characteristics

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