Red Ice

Flail of frost

Author: GristleDemon

Category: weapon (melee)

Game System: Hackmaster

Description horseman’s flail +4. Does 1D8 cold damage. Those hit must save vs spells, failure causes numbing for 1D4 rounds. Numb limbs are nonfunctional for the duration. a numb torso forces a system shock roll, failure does 2D8 damage. numb head forces a system shock roll, failure means a brain hemorrhage has occurred doing 1D8 per round till the victim is dead or magically healed.

Backstory In the deepest glacial rifts, ice compressed by the ages is harvested by the Frost Giants. With the aid of great sacrifice to their dark Goddess they form these deadly weapons. The greatest of the sacrificial is given to their Lady…who removes all traces of what could be called life from her victim. She then sends the shell out to infiltrate the lesser races, full of deadly wrath and equipped with Red Ice.

Red Ice

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