Beld: Noble’s none/variable. Peasant’s Beld the divine.

Janid: Janid & her current incarnation the Queen.

Wartooth: Beld the True.

Rabidash: the Great Wolf.

Virox: Unknown.

Melkin: the Peacemaker.

Lunidan: the Captain! Chance/luck or the great Gamble.

Ichia: Hachimon.

Halflings of Euphibia: the Earthfather

Jex: divinity of humanity.

Hildigran: None was the same as Jex.

Doonan: the Hive Mother.

Fire Elves: Nova

Sky Elves: Nymbus

Katoon: Hulgen the Mighty.

Kor: The Eyes.

Gnomes of Yasten Hills: Wikven Chempler.

UUN: Unknown but definitely EVIL gods.

Jadavac: Knowledge. Any friendly gods are allowed.

FrostGiants: Frost.

Gennemon: Lexin the Lifemaker.

Great Velt: Velt the Vengeful.

Orgnulgo forest: the five elements

Terminia: Termin the righteous.

Peltesh: divinity of humanity.

Ardinia: Ardin the pure.

Vigil: the Guardian of Light

First Lands: Tiamat.

Waste: Vision City: Unknown. New Freeport: the Captain. Bloodlands: Chaos. Great Sands: The oasis Master. Black pyramid: Hergza Al’zulg.

Mountain Dwarfs: the Deeplord

Hill Dwarfs: Owgrenneden Axehead

Dusk Island: Exalvis Gloommantle.

Nunk’ul’urgli Islands: the island of Unhadi is controlled by Beld. De’unchi, Cka’lutcha, Foolaka, were controlled by Beld be rebelled. Tert’unlu was controlled by both Beld and Ichia until the savages of the Dusk Island assaulted the island turning it into a raiding base. Tugawasich (called Galu’nati by the natives) is controlled by Ichia. The religions are a mix as a result, with an old culture movement gaining more support daily.

Yaz: Unknown

Blazing shore: The Mountain of God!

Pelidian Cluster: Unknown

Forbiden Isle: Oceanna the Ocean Goddess.

Unvilen Gods

Velnan Gods

Elemental Gods

Forgotten First Ones

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