Rudolpho's Gear

Relics of the Legendary Grand Admiral of Targ

Author: GristleDemon

Category: other

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Rudolpho’s Hat Always stays on the wearer’s head. Causes Fear as a Red Dragon with the wearer’s HD.

Rudolpho’s Rapier Grimsnear. Rapier plus 8. INT 15 EGO 15. Wielder can not be effected by visual spells.

Rudoplho’s Boots Striding and Springing, Constant spiderclimb, waterwalk 3/day.

Rudolpho’s Ring protection AC 2, Vampiric regeneration. Frost Net 3/day as Web spell but does 2D6 frost dam per round trapped and immune to fire.

Backstory The Legendary Grand Admiral of Targ Rudolpho De’Gravis used these items in his day to day life. Cunning and evil but not without a certain ruthless charm. Rudolpho was second only to the Emperor or so he thought. Like much of his time little is known about him by even the most wise of sages. Some sages speculate he is the “Captain” referred to by the peoples of Luniden and Velt but there is no evidence to support or deny this theory. Oddly in the Blazing Shore the word Rudolpho means Devil or Demon with the implication of being the first evil. This is interesting as it is the only word in their tongue remotely similar to anything else on Tarvakar.

Should Kray return from death he will do his best to seek out and destroy all of Rudolpho’s gear.

Rudolpho's Gear

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