Ruler and Government Type

Beld: Prince Poalo Valicomi. Monarchy

Janid: The Queen Virginia Valicomi. Gynarchy. Monarchy

Wartooth: Baron Otto Von Wartooth the 6th. Chauvinist Militocracy Fascism.

Rapidash: the Great Wolf. Autocracy Theocracy.

Virox: the Red Council. Bloodmagocracy(I made that one up)

Melkin: Melkin Council. Democracy.

Lunidan: Anarchy! RR ANARCHY!!!

Ichia: Dyamio Yamada Tarō. Monarchy Fascism

Halflings: President Hilden Brenneil. Republic.

Jex: Priest council. Communist Theocracy.

Hildigran: Mage council. Magocracy Pedocracy

Doonan: the Hive Mother. Autocracy

Fire Elves: Unknown.

Sky Elves: Unknown.

Katoon: Lady Holgen. Theocracy

Kor: Old Bones with minor Ogre separatist movement led by Kulalas. Theocracy Confederacy.

Gnomes: Merchant Families. Plutocracy

UUN: Oligarchy

Jadavac: Furbolg clans & Council of Sages . Republic Confederacy

FrostGiants: Monarchy

Gennemon: Communism

Great Velt: Oligarchy Fascism

Orgnulgo forest: Theocracy

Terminia: King Termin the Xth. Monarchy.

Peltesh: Priest king of Peltesh. Geriatocracy theocracy.

Ardinia: King Simon Synclair. Monarchy

Vigil: Theocracy Autocracy.

First Lands: Autocracy confederacy.

Waste: Anarchy Vision City: the first citizen. Democracy New Freeport: council of three, Anarchy. Bloodlands: Silverblood. Autocracy. Great Sands: The oasis Master. Autocracy. Black pyramid: Hergza Al’gul. Theocracy.

Dwarves: Kraggadraduurk (Steelheart Clans) Confederacy

Dusk Island: Exalvis Gloomantle. Autocracy.

Yaz: Unknown. Pedocracy

Blazing shore: Theocrachy

Pelidian Cluster:NONE

Forbiden Isle: Tribal.

This is just a very simple outline.

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Ruler and Government Type

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