Scarlet Twinkle

Blazeform Longsword +2

Author: GristleDemon

Category: weapon (melee)

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Longsword +2. Blazeforms can take any shape and can form into any weapon smaller then it’s original, in this case a long sword. All Blazeforms have the following spell powers activated by mental command. Acts as ring of fire Resistance. Pyrotechnics 2/day. Phantasmal Force 5/day. Dancing Lights 3/day. Color Spray 2/day. all damage done is fire damage.

Scarlet Twinkle’s power. Those hit by Scarlet must save vs spells or have their blood burn. The damage is 1D6 the 1st round and 2D6 each round after. Dispel Magic, Remove Curse or better is required to end the flames.

Backstory More on the history later

Scarlet Twinkle

World of Tarvakar GristleDemon