Some Wildlife

Flergs (bat-toad)

Basically harmless but mildly poisonous if eaten or licked. usually black to dark blue or green. They cant really hurt anyone and are sometimes used by mages as they are rather smart.


A larger more savage version of the Cavefisher, it fires a barbed harpoon and then reels in its pray. Much larger then their cavefishers cousins they have been known to clear out whole cave systems and then wander above ground…


Cat/lizard hybrid. Venom causes numbness, or paralyzation. They like to rip their pray to shreds and lick the wounds. A paralyzed victim can be kept from moving due to this licking. they run in packs and are very dangerous in numbers greater then four.

Blue Speckled Fidget (Possum Bird)

Blue-jay sized bird with black feathers on top and gray underneath. The wings have blue speckles above and below. The speckles are larger on females then males. When frightened Possum Birds play dead, even in mid-flight or perched in a tree. They are widely regarded as “the saddest excuse for a bird to ever exist.” Possum birds even make a tiny “Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” sound when they “die”.

Glitter Fidget (Tricky Birds)

Small finch sized bird with drab brown feathers. They love anything shiny especially silver. They have a feather system similar to owls and are nearly silent in flight. The must puzzling aspect of Tricky Birds is there innate power over illusions. They have simple minds and so the illusions are not complex, however they hardly need to be. The most commonly create illusions of themselves to misdirect or of large predators. They can cast Improved Phantasmal Force 3/day and one in 6 can cast Spectral Force 2/day. All spells are cast at the minimum level needed and require no components.

Star Crested Fidget

Red Striped Fidget (Murder Birds)

White Tailed Fidget (Ghost Birds)

Purple Crested Fidget (King Fidgets)

Green Bellied Fidget (Drunk Birds)

Yellow Ridged Fidget

Flora and Fauna of Karador

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Some Wildlife

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