Staff of the Hateful

Category: staff

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Total spell reflection, any and all magic that would effect the wielder is reflected back to it’s source instead. However this item is cursed and anyone who can see the wielder must save vs spells at -10 once per normal round, or attack the wielder in a frenzy. Those effected will only attack physically and at close range. Those who can not reach will use missile weapons or failing that maneuver to close in. all melee attacks by those effected will be at +1+2 due to frenzy.

Backstory This unassuming quarterstaff, seemingly carved from oak, is a deadly relic of the Jex/Hildigran war. Its creation is a mystery but most think it was forged by Daemonologists in the service of Jex. Some think the curse was intended while others think it was the influence of a dark genie. what is sure is the devastating power this staff has in mage combat. It is know the renown battle-priest Azivli (The Hateful) carried it in the war and slew no less then 34 mages of Hildigran while wielding it. The staff was lost along with Azivli during a birdwatching trip somewhere in the north.

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Staff of the Hateful

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