Staff of Var ruun

Powerful Attacker

Author: GristleDemon

Category: staff

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Defence AC 3. Caster level plus 3 when casting Evocation/Invocation

Spells. All spells cast at level 20.

Magic missile 5/day. lightning bolt 3/day. Raging Pain Monkey, a spectral monkey leaps onto the target and savagely assaults their face. Target saves vs spells or suffers 1D10-4 dam for 1round per 3 caster levels plus 1. this interrupts all spell casting by the target. 3/day. Var-ruun’s Bolt, bolt of pure pain that does 2d6 dam per caster level but otherwise acts as a lightning bolt, the damage is physical although magical in origin, 1/day.

Backstory More to come

Staff of Var ruun

World of Tarvakar GristleDemon