Star Crested Fidget

Climate/terrain: Only the highest mountain peeks across the world.

Frequency: Rare

Organization: Extended Family, there will be one Grandmother to whom every member is related.

Activity cycle: Mixed. They tend to rise at 6am, rest by 9am, wake again around 12PM, then rest again around 3PM, then rise at 6PM, then rest at 9PM, wake at 12AM, rest at 3AM and finally begin the day all over again. Due to their fickle nature at least some of the family will be awake at any given time.

Diet: Nectar, mainly from the beautiful Eo Flower.

Intelligence: Average(8) to Supra-Genius(20) as the bird ages. Hatchlings are all INT 8 while the Grandmother will be INT 20.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

NoAPP 1D100

Size: Tiny

Movement: 3 FL56

Morale: Timid(6) or Fanatic(20) near the nest.

AC 3 due to small size, -6 in flight unless the attacker can FL at 48(A).

HD 1 NoATT 3.

DAM: 1/10 of 1HP per claw and 1D2-1 for the beak.

The Grandmother will always have HD 5 cast Magic missile 6/day at LV 4+1D6

Light blue birds the size of a humming bird. There feathers darken with age till they are night black with dark blue tips. a small five pointed-star crest adorns their forehead in shimmery silver. They have a small black circle on their belly with a sliver of silver shaped like a tiny crescent moon.

Star Cresteds are naturally immune to normal missiles and to all spells of the magic missile sub-type. They can cast Magic Missile 3/day at Level 1+1D4, Penetration applies.

All Star crested Fidgets understand all languages but can only speak Avian.

Once every year the flocks assemble and migrate off-world spending 3 months away from the land. Where they go is a mystery but magi and sages across the land have documented they flight beyond the sky. It is rumored they meet with a “Great Grandmother” from whom all Star Cresteds descended.

Star Cresteds can not survive captivity and make a mournful keel the moment they are captured. After 24 hours of captivity the bird will die, losing all color. The mourning keel is known to nearly all guardians of nature and at least one sect of druids considers Star Cresteds sacred. however retributions from nature lovers is far from the most dangerous part of hunting Star Cresteds. Should a Star Crested die from captivity a horrible curse falls upon those responsible. It is similar to a Pathorgian Death Hex but is utterly incurable even by godly intervention. The only known cure is for the cursed to devote their lives to the protection and care of Star Crested Fidgets. If eggs are stolen however it changes things. Without their parents the fledglings will only behave instinctively. They will seek a very high place and make a nest. As long as they are never captured or cages, even for 1 second, they will be happy and content to live wherever they find themselves. However these orphans will never grow beyond INT 8 and will never migrate.

No Star Cresteds have ever died from age or sickness and seem content to frolic about drinking nectar.

It is said the renowned Battle-Priest Azivli (The Hateful) use to studie these bird in flight. Any number of magi from Hildigran would pay rediculus amounts of gold for Star Crested Fidget eggs

Star Crested Fidget

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