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Worshipers LV 1-4 plus 1 to all saves vs Earth magic/effects. CHA check at -8 to change an Earth being’s reaction from hostile to neutral or from neutral. This power can only be used once per encounter. If the check fails this power may never affect that being again.

Worshipers LV 5-9. & Clerics LV 1-4 +2 to Earth saves. CHA check at -6.

Clerics LV 1-4 any one(1) 2nd level cleric spell from the Earth domain 1/day. once chosen this spell never changes.

Worshipers LV 10-15 & Clerics LV 5-9 +3 to Earth saves. Worshipers gain one spell as a 1st level cleric above.

Clerics LV 5-9 Any one (1) 4th level cleric spell of the Earth Domain, cast 1/day. 2nd level spell from above now cast 2/day. once chosen these spells never change.

Worshipers LV 16-21 & Clerics LV 10-15 +4 to Earth saves. Worshipers gain spells as a 5th level cleric from above.

Clerics LV 10-15 Immune to Petrification & all earth based magic 1 hour per level, 1/day.


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