Player info for the nation of: Terminia

Free Skills: Ulterior motive 25%, Secret persona 25%, Liar Skilled 25%.

Adv: Free WP but only for weapons that are also tools, like staves or daggers.

Dis: Termianians are VERY fearful of their clergy. All Terminians save vs charm or mind effecting spells, cast by their clergy, at -5.

Ruler: King Termin the Xth.

Capital: Fortress of Truth.

Leader of the military: Lord Sturns(rumored to be Grand Terminknight.)

God: Termin.

Terminia is in the west and slightly north. It is bordered by, The Great Velt (to the west & north-west), Orgnulgo Forest (north-east), the Bloodlands (east &south-east), Ardinia (south), and Peltesh (south-west). Terminians are of Lowrgian descent.

Ruled by fearmongers and fascists, Terminia is a land or deceit and pain. The clerics of Termin, with their enforcers the Iron Matrons, hold sway over the very souls of the people. The forces of the king murder and burn, dancing to the tune of hate. Sightings of the strange and terrifying beings known as Terminknights are on the rise. The Reclamation War has raged for 160 years, with both Termina and Ardinia locked in a stalemate. Only the PriestKing of Peltesh gains from the never-ending blood, as he slowly masses his forces to destroy both nations. Yet there is the sliver of hope. Some in Terminia still follow the teachings of Termin and not the church. Hunted as heretics they are all that remains of a once noble order.

Terminia and Velt have a non-aggression pact, but Terminian slavers and Veltish Raiders still operate in large numbers. Terminians look down on the barbarians but respect the power of their magi overlords.

The Terminians treat the Orgnulgo Forest people with open contempt and raid them often. Thanks to their higher technological level the Terminians can withstand most counter-assaults. Sometimes the fury these raids awaken is too great and a fort, along several villages, falls.

Terminians do their best to stay out of the Waste, rumors of the lurking horrors within abound. The bloodland raiders are more skillful then most suspect, often making off with their prize while some diversion of swamp beasts is dealt with.

Terminians hate Ardinians, despite of, or maybe because of, their shared racial heritage. They have been at war for the last 160 years. Those in the Terminian government blame Ardinians for everything bad that befalls their people. If there is one group that hates the Ardinians more then any other in is the Clerics of Termin.

Peltesh and Terminia are at peace and have been for some 125 years. When the empire of Peltesh fell the three, now separate nations, wages savage war on all fronts. But after nearly 35 years of fighting Peltesh and Terminia made peace. The Ardinians were free to import new inventions from the Melkins and this had turned into a major advantage. With the Waste to their east, the Terminians had no option but to trade the Peltesh for the needed goods. with years of work and negotiation Peltesh maneuvered into a neutral position and started to wait. While the people of that nation have grown fat and wealthy, the peoples of Terminia/Ardinia become more battle-hardened with every day.

Terminia was the start of Tarvakar, originally called War World. The party were all in the Terminia Army. It started out as a grinding horror-fest with the PCs more or less stuck. Like most Terminians they know little about the outside world. I think the military is a great place to start PCs from Terminia. While there is next to no “normal” adventures to be found there. However there are many chances to play Robin Hood, or do savage battle with nearly unending foes at the Terminia/Ardinia border.

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