Tetch Swamp

short info magically corrupted land, one the heart of the Beldish empire now a rotting mass of putrescence. it is a massive collection of bogs and swampland. the trees are normal for such land but old dead giants still lurk from the days before the curse. The curse has played out in many different ways so each site and major landmark was warped in its own way. for example the Town of Victory rises from the swamp as a massive trap whenever explorers come to near. the only true forest remaining is the Bleak Wood and it is a place of nightmares now. many strange and twisted beings call the swamp home but the most populous are Swamp Apes and Tetch Goblins. The swamp is full of old ruins most of which have been resettled by monsters and humanoids. many fresh water and even some salt water beings have outposts in the Tetch.

Player info for the nation of: Tetch Swamp Note: the tetch is home to monster races so the following is only for them. should you play say a sea elf brought up in the tetch you still use the normal sea elf info. so if your a race listed elsewhere non of this counts. if you are say a Tetch Goblin, then this is all about you.

Free Skills: camophlage 25%(and usually higher), Set Snares 25%

Adv: The swamp is harsh and so are you, if your a goblin you gain the HP bonus talent. if your a Ape your matted fur gives you DR 1 vs fire.

Dis: The SWAMP IS HARSH! all social skills cost double, forever. you brain is geared to split second survival not interaction. After 3rd level this may be lifted for certain skills at the DM’s discression.

Ruler: {The Old King of Beld]]. or just The Old King. each swamp ape tribe has its’ own leader. The goblin tribes as a whole actively serve the old king. this gains them protection from the more massive beasts of the swamp.

Capital: Veliamo.

magical/religious Capital: The Lonely Tower.

Leaders of the military: Grellor da Fink, goblin master of the hunt. Hruh Gru, ape outcast.

God: the goblins worship the old king but it is mostly lip service. Most beings from the swamp fear and pay respect to the lonely tower.

position and what nations are near it. in the far south on the coast between Vigil and Beld. meh do this bit more later.

Rulers and general lifestyle. The goblins follow Da King’s Voice, a goblin who communicates with their horrible master. the title is passed down from mother to daugher and is the closest thing to a real ruler the swamp has. Using supposed family magic they speak for the king and make sure his commands are obeyed. The goblins have a fairly orderly life and have a massive slum city surrounding the capital. the larger swamp beasts seem to sense the king and stay away, and those other tribes who invade can be driven off or offered to the king. They have little power to enforce their will beyond their city but send scavenger parties deep into the swamp for loot. The Apes have no single leader but will unite for short times under a very strong ape leader. sometimes it does nto even have to be an ape as they confuse humans with hairless apes. They have no cities but hold their territory savagely against all comers. They are brutal warriors but stealthy. they know they tribelands well and use it to their advantage. althought goblins and apes are the playable races there are many others. monsters and beasts of all manner. many mighty beasts, like giant land squid, roam the swamp. because of this the less deadly monsters must hide and slink about. many infest the old cities but more then a few of these are cursed.

how they feel about surrounding nations. They tend to stay away from Vigil as the knights and their dragon allies are strong targets. some small raids happen but unless a lucky scout finds a weakness nothing major ever manifests. The more savage beasts attack sometimes but once found by the Dragon Slayers they are swiftly put down. They try to raid Janid when they can but have the same issues as above. beucase it is so hard to attack janid and vigil it makes Beld an even better target then it already is. Bloated and feeble its no wonder beld is the favorite place to raid. it almost seems like the old magic that created the Tetch swamp compels them to attack Beld.

adventure hooks.

Wow um alot. first off its about half the orinigal size of beld. so lots of old cities and towers and temples to explore. it is being used as a staging point for a number of races, such as the sea elves, and even strangers things from deep within the swamp. the capital is full of treasure but is a sure death trap if the king finds adventurers. the goblins are great as they raid for slaves and sacrifice to their king. so being a raiding, hunting them, either way. apes are always making war. sometimes big leaders arise and raise hell. their are strange and magical beasts all over. big game hunting meets sure doom!

Southern nations

Tetch Swamp

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