the Waiting Stone

Ancient consciousness bend on Destruction.

Author: GristleDemon

Category: other

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Can create a clone of any one being withing 20’ once per day. It will control its’ clone creations and work to gain power. the clones have no mind, only the stone does. INT 21 WIS 20 CHA 20.

Backstory This horrible evil is all that remains of Grand High Technologist Kray. before Wartooth, before the Dragon Wars, before the Great Darkness, there was Kray. He was unmatched in mental power by all save one, and she would be his doom. He played a great part in manipulating the Savior and his companions. But beyond that…. it was Kray who’s mighty mind gave birth to the Avatar Project that later gave birth to the Savior. Kray has moved his mind from body to body for over 10000 years, infecting like a cancer. His mind can inhabit multiple hosts, or it could before his death. Now he exists as little more then a spark of awareness. As the Stone creates clones he gains more Psionic power and will slowly reform his original mind. After he controls about 1000 points worth of INT he will use the Psi energy to reconstruct his old consciousness and inhabit a suitable body. The danger Kray poses to any world the stone is on is unimaginable. Once he has a body again he will resume his old research, creating an army of cloned soldiers. He will sweep the world clean, searching for the Eye of Targ.

the Waiting Stone

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