Tomb of Doar the Last

Ancient book of wisdom.

Author: GristleDemon

Category: book

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Holds ancient knowledge. Artifact. Can not be read without the aid of the gods.

Backstory This book was written after the first war by the last of the Noble Ogres. It is older then nearly every god and written in a language as old as the planes themselves. The tomb is a story, it tells of the first war and the birth of evil. It tells of something called the Dooming and the fall of the races. However as the story progresses something happens to the author. It seems as though they are losing their mind. The writing gets worse and worse until it is little more then squiggles. Near the end an odd statement was translated that stands out. It was ”.. my thoughts die and surly I am the Last no longer. I could have done so much! We could have done so… it is not over. It….” and then it trails off into nonsense. What is known is that to date no god has allowed anyone to know the full contents of the book.

Tomb of Doar the Last

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