Unvilen Gods

Old gods of the Unvilen peoples. Aside from Lexin and Pglom they are all thought to have actually lived as mortals. Unvilen culture is centered on heroes and their deeds.

Format is Name, Role, Influences.

Lexin, the Lifemaker, Creator of Life. Created the Unliven People. Lives in the sun and watches all things. Named Uloro his Huntress.

Pglom, Beast of night, Death and the Night. The night sky and the stars are his eyes. The lurking fear of death and impotence. Waiting, knowing, wanting nothing, and getting everything.

Dyrg, Twin Brothers, Creator of Civilization. Made the first city(Ykin) and nation(Crtkarn). Bringer of reason. Beloved creation of Lexin. Eternal foe of Kyrl.

Kyrl, Twin Brothers, Destroyer of Civilization. Burner of Ykin. Murderer of Eiyr Leska. Greatest Warchief. Doom of the Unvilen. Eternal foe of Dyrg.

Oce, Lord of Magic & Drink, Mystic Wise-man. Drunk old man. Teaches magic to Dyrg. May actually be a god from another world.

Eiyr Leska, Warder, Guardian Goddess. Protector of the weak. Gold Dragon. Helps the Unvilen learn and grow. Murdered by Kyrl.

Marl, the Great Bear, Beast Spirit of the Mountains. Very very huge Stormpeak Bear. Sometimes good sometimes bad. Known to kill dragons. Rumored to be alive and well today.

Uloro, Provider, Huntress of Lexin. Lexin’s Champion. Foe of Pglom. Gaurdian of life. Friend to all Good Heroes.

Yimi, Heroen, Slayer of Beasts. Sole Survivor of Ykin. Leads the army of Crtkarn against Kyrl. Hates monsters.

Liuawla, Wildman, God of Nature. Mad Forest Spirit(Elf). fickle as he is ruthless. Savage like the laws of nature. As long lived as the rocks. He is sometimes an ally but mostly a pain.

Unvilen Gods

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