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Capital: Changes, currently Vile Fun Doom Land, Draskul, Pomwunerger, The Pit and The Restless Tundra. 500years ago it was: The Scablands, Draskul, Dreadnought, Grimm Keep and The Pit.

during the last major united war against the living Vile Fun Doom Land attacked the other undead, specifically Dreadnought and The Scablands. The Restless Tundra won many great victories and the grim admiration of the Death Knights. Pomwunerger gained power by alliance & co-operation. Draskul is weaker but still mighty. The Balor lord of The Pit saw VFDL’s betrayal coming and pulled a triple cross. during the turmoil, the “Heroes” of The Vale of Valor killed the Illithid lord of The Scornful Tower. After that even Mad Lord Stark and the dreaded Grim Slayer formed mutual defence pacts. For the last thousand years Lord Rust, of the Deepfrost Scar, and Kruvles The Baneful Loathing, of The Sanctum, have been at war. The two undead lords are otherwise peerless in UUN and only remain minor lords due to their constant warfare. Recently Lord Rust has gained the upper hand thanks to a group of adventurers who defeated his rival’s champion Verridos Yorkal the Death Knight. However it is rumored The Baneful Loathing recently found his lost champion, this bodes ill for all of the north.

New Undead(ones listed below are rulers ETC not all the new ones}

Targian Ghost

Grim Jester

Nightmare Horror

Slime Lord


Psionic Ghost

Grim Slayer

the elemental lichs are not new undead just elementally aligned lichs, nearly all of their minions are new undead however.

Symbols: (*) = creates unique undead minions. (@) = can animate dead. (#) = knows how to use the land. (%) = technology.

Known Domains/rulers:

Dreadnought (Death Knight) @.

The Pit (Balor) @.

The Scablands (Targian Ghost) * @ %.

Vile Fun Doom Land (Grim Jester) #.

Draskul (Dracolich) * @.

Pomwunerger (Vampire) * @.

The Sacred Tomb (LG Death Knight).

Deepfrost Scar (Lich) * @.

The Scornful Tower (Nightmare Horror).

The Endless Maze (Living Wall).

The Bloodmoores (Vampiric Mist).

The Welt (Slime Lord).

The Vale of Valor (party of delusional undead adventurers.) @.

The Flesh Dump (Fleshbeast)

Castle Stark (Psionic Ghost) @.

Grimm Keep (Grim Slayer).

The Four Towers ( 4 elemental lichs) * @.

The Restless Tundra (Undead Priest) * @.


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