Velnan Gods

These are the old gods of the Velnan tribes that would form the northern nations. Mostly they are not worshiped much anymore but still retain small followings.

format is Name, Role, Influences.

Ulgvan. the Frost Walker. Winter, the Hunt, Guardian. A giant blue warrior. He is blamed for the cruelty of winter but also seen as a guardian. He aids the hunters in finding game.

Tgav. the Wandering God. Magic, Mystery, Evil. Strange being from another time. He likes to toy with mortals and wields great magic.

Wulvug. the Mighty. Might, Rage, Drinking. As big as he is ugly and as drunk as he is strong. He is sometimes a hero but mainly just a man. He has been known to join great battles out of anger, or because someone spilled his drink.

Lemni. the Spring. Change, Healing, Cornucopia. Sweet child of nature she ushers the life back into the world after the death of winter.

Kaura. the Hag. Wisdom, Leadership, Heroes. Once she was head of the gods but now she is hardly remembered. Her son is Udlun. She helped make heroes and then tested them. Most die but a few become legends.

Hisk. the Vile. Seduction, Poison, Traps. Turns the people against Udlun. She manipulates and torments everyone. She is hated to this day in Jadavac and viewed as the mother of evil.

Udlun. the Doomed. Fortitude/Endurance, Stoic Heroism, Mountains. The greatest hero of the Velnan. He just wanted to live free and climb mountains. Tgav and Hisk hate him. His mother Kaura saw doom in his life but also that he would be the greatest of heroes. Udlun faced many challenges and was never given credit. In the end he not only united and saved the Velnan people but all of the north as well. Hisk turned the people against him with her poisoned words and he was sentenced to death. Udlun died after 5 days of Frostdreaming, method of torture that involves the condemned being stripped and hung from a jagged ice wall. Udlun founded the Library of Kyberv in Jadavac. He would never be honored in life but is considered the greatest hero of the north to this day.

Velnan Gods

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