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Capital: the Resplendent City.

Velt is the largest nation on the continent. most of Velt is grasslands and highlands. 85-90% of the Veltish population lives in rural areas with little or no contact to the outside world. the remaining 10-15% live in massive cities. Most of the rural population are barbarians or herdsfolk. The PC/NPC class Barbarian is the most common class in rural areas. The cities are ruled by the magi clerics of Velt The Vengeful who oversee daily life. The most common PC/NPS class in Urban areas is Mage but Swashbucklers are a close second. this is as good a place as any to point out that while most rural people in Velt are Chaotic. The city dwellers, and nearly all the Veltish Overlords, are Lawful. so even though the people who RUN Velt are lawful the nation’s place on the Law/Chaos axis is fully in Chaos.

rural veltish gain. Survival plains 25%, Rafting 25%, Weather Sense 25%, Direction Sense 50%, Mapless Travel 50% must spend double BPs for read/write.


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