short info Vigil land of horor and duty. where brave men and women fight side by side with dragon and dwarf. they hold back the dragons of the First Lands and from their number rise the great Dragon Slayers.

the gold dragons of vigil have their own goverment where a a number of wise old wyrms rule. however the ruler of vigil is also the leading religious figure: the Pope.

two members of The Wayward Blades are from vigil: Vyce Yellagar and Nester the Cleric.

vigil trades with the dwarves of the Steelheart Mountains and do a lesser degree with Peltesh and Velt.

Vigil has three knightly orders: Knights of the Wing, Knights of the Claw and Knights of the Flame. The first order is by far the largest, they are also the most deverse of the orders. The second order is not as large as the first but more then 100 times the size of the final order. The knights of the Flame are the smallest and most powerful order.

Skills for free: resist persaugion 50%, knowledge chromatic dragons 25%, religion Vigil 25%, healing skill suite 25%.

Bonus: are more used to being around dragons, fighting both with and against them. so they have a plus 4 to saves vs dragon fear.


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