Virginia Valicomis sisters

short info

her oldest sister Victoria. Died in YH 1994 at age 61. death blamed on illness but some older houses suspect foul play.

The next eldest Veronica. Died in YH 1987 at age 35. Killed while traveling to Melkin, by a knight of wartooh who managed to fighter his way part her personal guard.

The next youngest Valory. Died in YH 1990 at age 30. She was closest with Virginia and they both followed the path to knighthood. She was a savage dualist and well schooled in the art of war. Valory was killed while on a top secret mission on the border of wartooth. Few details exist but in YH 1997 her scabbard was worn by a “black knight” during a joust near the Beldish border.

Virginia Valicomis sisters

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